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Why You Should Not Be Running

struggling runnerOkay, maybe this title is a little extreme. However, this article makes a strong case as to why we should be strength training rather than running or performing other long slow distance – or LSD – activities. The author breaks down a number of reasons why ‘chronic cardio’ is less effective at improving your health, and can actually be detrimental to it in some ways  According to the article, Strength training, in contrast, is much more beneficial as the basis of a fitness program, with less of the negatives.

At Backs Etc., we are not anti-running, however, we do see many patients and clients obsessed with running marathons and participating in other extreme endurance events, despite struggling with basic movement patterns, mobility and strength. This type of training can put extreme stress on the body, resulting in pain, injury and a host of other issues.

If you are a runner with niggling pain or want to improve your performance, come to Backs Etc. for an assessment, and we can design a programme to suit your needs.

For more information, read the article ‘Why You Should Not Be Running.’