Clapham Manual Therapy and Functional Movement

For the duration of lock-down, until we are able to meet in-person, we are offering online video consultations and home workout sessions. For some of you just practising the breathing and exercises will be sufficient, but if you want to keep progressing, or a new problem arises, then this may be a useful option.



For existing patients, therapy consultations with Sue or Joel can be either 25 minutes to look at a specific niggle or injury that has arisen, or 55 minutes for a more extensive assessment and treatment.  The sessions start with a discussion to find out the relevant information.  We then move onto a visual assessment in which we will ask you to perform some specific movements and see what improvements we can make using an adapted version of the protocol we use for in-person appointments. All sessions are followed up with a video detailing the homework exercises. 

We are also offering 55 minute online video sessions for new patients.  This will give Sue or Joel time to go through your case history, followed by a visual examination and movement assessments to get a provisional diagnosis. Then we will assign exercises and home treatment protocols to get you started. Although this approach is different from an in-person session, we are finding that it works well.  Most change in the body is elicited by the work the patient does themselves in changing the movement and painful patterns, rather than the hands-on therapy.  Manual therapy acts as a catalyst, but the magic is in the homework. 



Online training sessions with Jack last approximately one hour. We begin by identifying each client’s needs, what (if any) equipment they have at home, and whether there are any injuries or other factors to take into consideration. This will take place via email prior to the actual session to maximize time during the session. Jack will then design a programme specifically for the client. The exercises will then be demonstrated and practised to ensure that the client understands the exercises, demonstrates good form, and is using the breath properly. All training sessions are followed up with an email and/or video detailing the client’s programme.

Technical Requirements

To make the most of an online session you need to have a decent internet connection, a private space that you can move around in, and a device that you can prop up and angle to show your body in standing as well as on the floor.  We are mostly using Zoom for the sessions and will send you a link to click on at the appropriate time, so you just need to ensure that you have the app downloaded ahead of time.


In case you are wondering if online sessions are actually helpful, here is some client feedback:

“This morning I was so grateful to get a last minute online appointment with Sue. I was desperate for some help with my arm that was in such pain. Sue was amazing. She got me to do some simple tests and from there she worked out which muscles needed to be released and which ones needed to be activated. We found three affected areas, and did releases and activations for all three and I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have an arm I can now use. I recommend giving it a try, I feel it was totally worth it.”

 “I’m finding the video sessions a really helpful way to progress my practice.  It’s remarkable what Sue’s eagle eyes can pick up on screen!  I’m thrilled she’s offering this opportunity to continue to see her as I feel I would be months behind otherwise.”


“I really enjoyed my session with Jack yesterday, he has given me an effective bodyweight program that I can do whilst on lockdown to maintain my health goals without getting injured”


“I had an online consultation with Sue today for a recurring neck issue. Sue really knows her stuff but I’d never done an online consultation with her before. I was struck by how useful and beneficial the whole session was even though we were talking through screens. My neck feels much better and I have homework to keep it that way.”


“I’m so glad that Sue is doing video sessions, as I felt we were making steady progress with in-person sessions and I didn’t want to lose momentum.  I was initially unsure how they would go, as of course there is no physical contact, but I am sold and think they are totally fantastic.  Amazingly I feel like I am getting the same benefit from the video sessions and homework as the in person sessions.  It is great to be continuing the good work, and I am seeing improvement day on day, and feeling the mental health rewards of moving well.  Thank you so much Sue, you are magic!”