Clapham Manual Therapy and Functional Movement
Type Session Price
Initial therapy appointment 85 minutes £140
Follow-up therapy appointment 55 minutes £85
Follow-up extended therapy appointment 85 minutes £127.50
Movement assessment appointment 60 minutes £75
Follow-up movement training appointment 60 minutes £65

Initial therapy appointment

Our initial appointments last up to 85 minutes to allow us to take a detailed case history, perform a full examination, and begin treatment.

In order to treat issues thoroughly and effectively, it’s important to build a full understanding and evaluation of the patient as a whole, not just ‘the bit that hurts’. For instance, a childhood ankle sprain could be complicit in a patient’s current lower back pain.

Follow-up therapy appointment

Further appointments will last up to 55 minutes, depending on the agreed treatment plan.  There will usually be rehabilitation exercises to be done between appointments.

This type of appointment can be in-person or online with Zoom.

Movement assessment appointment

Movement assessment appointments take place in our fitness space. Sessions consist of a series of tasks that are designed to assess a client's strength, stability and quality of movement, and identify areas of strength and weakness. Factoring in the findings from this session, previous therapy appointments (if applicable), and the client's goals, we will then create a personalised fitness and/or rehabilitation programme which can be taught, refined and further developed over subsequent training sessions. These sessions are for patients who have completed a therapy programme or new clients looking to address fitness issues. They are run by our trainer Jack McCall.

Please note that, if you are in any pain, you should attend a therapy appointment prior to movement assessment and training sessions.

Additional information

Payment may be made in cash or Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Apple Pay, and major debit cards.

We do not accept most health insurance, but if you have a policy, please let us know in advance so we can confirm whether we can accept it.

Appointments can be cancelled and rearranged up to 24 hours before with no charge.  Cancellations from 24 to 4 hours of the appointment will accrue a charge of 50% session rate, and cancellations within 4 hours and no-shows will be chargeable at full session rates.