Clapham Manual Therapy and Functional Movement

Proper breathing technique is something we focus on at Backs Etc in both our therapy and training appointments. Without addressing poor breathing mechanics, it can be hard to make lasting changes to a patient’s pain or dysfunction.  Often the problem stems from the inability to build intra-abdominal pressure (‘IAP’) using diaphragmatic breathing, causing an over-reliance on neck or back muscles that become painful.

True functional core stability is created when you can multi-task and breathe from your diaphragm whilst running, lifting, playing a sport or going about your daily life.  If you use breath-holding as a strategy to gain strength, or only breathe using your upper chest, you are ‘robbing health to pay fitness’.  Your performance will be less than optimal and you will be more susceptible to injury.  

We use a variety of drills to improve breathing, initially lying down, but working towards incorporating diaphragmatic breathing into all aspects of your life and exercise.  In this video, Sue and Jack demonstrate one of the most fundamental exercises for developing core stability: Supine 3 month breathing.