Clapham Manual Therapy and Functional Movement

Here are some comments from several of our happy clients.  See more that have been left on Google.

I initially started seeing Sue for multiple, chronic issues that varying other therapies had not helped progressively. I was rather desperate when I went to see Sue as surgery and injections seemed to be my future. Within 3 sessions I started to see improvements and had significantly less pain. Day to day tasks had become easier and I was sleeping better. It’s been a journey and I have learned alot, the homework Sue sets is great and gives you a better understanding of what Neurokinetic therapy is. In addition to seeing Sue I have also started sessions with her Husband, Jack. He is helping me rehab and strengthen my body. This reinforces what Sue is working on and allows me to keep progressing further. The team effort that Sue and Jack continue to put into the sessions I have is brilliant. The combinations of techniques and knowledge is allowing me to make real progression, I feel stronger each time and understand my body far more that I did a few months ago. I don’t live locally but the travel time if defiantly worth it. I can’t recommend both of them highly enough. A great place to start if you are suffering with chronic problems that never seem to get better.

Jenny – Hertfordshire

I would thoroughly recommend Backs Etc. This team have a methodical and comprehensive approach to looking at the body in a holistic way. Sue and Jack’s treatments perfectly complement each other and provide an impressive all-round service. For a number of years, I suffered from a pain in my shoulder and neck which I could not get rid of even though I tried various types of therapies. After a few months with Sue and Jack, I am now pain-free. Sue uses simple tests and exercises to effectively demonstrate weaknesses or issues and then uses manipulation or exercises to work on injuries and reduce tensions and blockages. Sue helped me to remove the pain but Jack has helped me to strengthen parts of my body to ensure that the pain stays away. Jack designed a bespoke set of exercises that are easy to follow and can be done for just 5 or 10 minutes, if I don’t have time, or for an all body workout that lasts about an hour. The Backs Etc team don’t have a magic wand, the pains don’t go away instantly but they do provide you with convincing tools to help. I had to work hard to help myself but they continue to support me through this process and have developed a treatment that works for me.

Helen – London

Having suffered with back problems for about 20 years and done the usual Osteo / Chiro / massage route, I was introduced to Sue by a friend of mine.
The use of NKT, combined with acupuncture and traditional Osteopathy has been a revelation. Rather than simply curing the symptoms, Sue has worked with me to get to the root causes of my back pain, without the need for heavy duty manipulation and cracking (or the need to keep taking heavy duty pain killers).
I now have a set of exercises and stretches that let me prevent the serious bouts of back pain ever happening. Furthermore, by using simple breathing and stretching techniques my day to day flexibility and core strength have improved considerably.
Spending 6 months working with Sue has enabled me to achieve a number of goals: play 3 rounds of golf in a weekend, continue my hobby of track driving (without the need for massage before and after every day on track) and most notably, stand up and cook for an hour. Most recently, I completed a 3 week trip that involved 6 flights, sleeping in 9 different hotel beds and included a 5 day road trip. This was all completed without any serious back issues or the need to take a single pain killer.
Having received treatment form many Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists, I can wholeheartedly say that Sue’s approach has delivered far better results in 6 months that I have seen working with other practitioners over a number of years.

Adam – South London

Sue is the best Osteopath I have found and I have been to quite a few in London. Her holistic approach means that you don’t just get manipulation in your problem area, you get a whole body treatment with a range of different techniques including acupuncture if you need it. I would, and have already recommended Sue to a number of people and she is my go to lady when I have a niggle! I went to her in chronic pain (I could hardly sleep) in my shoulder, neck and back after a cycling accident. I felt much better after the first session, and continued to see Sue for further treatment. I now see her every 6-8 weeks or so as part of general maintenance for my body. Sue is worth every single penny. Don’t suffer with pain, get yourself back to your full health!

Chloe – South London

I am retired, but very active, it is therefore important for me to maintain my strength and mobility which is why I exercise regularly. For the past 18 months I have been seeing Sue at Backs Etc for regular maintenance and to treat any new pains as they come up. I was previously diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the right hip which although still stiff, has felt much better since starting regular treatment. I recently had a 12 monthly orthopaedic check up, where my consultant was surprised by my lack of symptoms, in view of the degeneration shown on the X-ray. His recommendation was to continue with treatment as it was helping to maintain mobility, and so delay the need for a hip replacement, possibly indefinitely.   I would highly recommend Sue to anyone looking for help with maintaining their health and fitness in retirement.

Keith, South London

Sue has without a doubt made the biggest difference in my quality of life since I started seeing her almost a year ago. When I first moved to London, I was already suffering from chronic lower back pain and leg spasms. I’d managed these with help from my beloved physiotherapist back home, but deteriorated rapidly once I got to London and lost my support. I spent months trying out physiotherapists, first on the NHS and then private, all with no noticeable difference. In desperation, I Googled around until I found Sue near me and decided to give osteopathy a go. Sue is thorough, thoughtful and really considers your body and lifestyle holistically. Moreover, she is very good at what she does: When I first saw her, I could neither sit nor walk for more than 20 minutes without experiencing pain in either my lower back or numbness in my leg. A year later, I’m almost pain free and able to live and work normally. I still visit her regularly for tune-ups (though less frequently than before), despite moving away from the area, and always come out of our 45-60 minute sessions feeling much better than before. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jennifer – London

Following an injury on the rugby pitch several years ago, I could barely walk without serious pain in my lower legs and back, let alone run. 9 months later after a series of sessions with Sue, I ran my first marathon. Sue’s systematic approach to understanding my injury and identifying and treating muscular issues that other physiotherapists and sports specialists failed to treat properly, meant I saw steady progress in my recovery and am now able to move around pain free. I couldn’t rate Sue’s skills and services more highly.

Tom – South London

Sue @ Backs Etc is fantastic- I’ve been suffering from RSI pain in my back and arm for years and thanks to her treatment I have been completely pain free for months. I’ve had osteopathy from other specialists in the past, which has been great as a temporary measure, but hasn’t solved the issues in the long run. Sue has a very holistic approach to the treatment, taking into account stress and lifestyle for instance, which is making all the difference. Highly recommended.

Rejane – Clapham

I was first drawn to Backs Etc. because I felt acupuncture and neurokinetic therapy combined with osteopathy might help my body to realign – and it really did. Sue is an excellent therapist, who really takes the time to find the root causes of your body’s imbalances and sends you away with great exercises to do at home to speed up the process of reconnecting the body with the right movement patterns. I highly recommend her!

Stef – South London

Sue at Backs Etc is an excellent therapist who I thoroughly recommend.  I’ve been a patient for around 6 months and the changes I have seen, and the awareness of how different parts of my body are working is amazing.  Sue is extremely thorough in her assessments.  She doesn’t just do some quick adjustments and push you out of the door.  She goes through where your aches and pains are and then assesses how your muscles are working, and what is impacting elsewhere.  I discovered so many things that Sue was able to give me quick but effective exercises for,  and I’ve seen a real difference.  My main issues were pain in my lower back and shoulders and also pain in different parts of my legs or ankles when I run.  The work that Sue has done with me, using osteopathic techniques, acupuncture and soft tissue, and the exercises that she has provided, have been invaluable to relieving the pain.  I’m also a lot more conscious of slight niggles, and know that I need to do more of the exercises that Sue gave me.  It’s made a real difference to me.  I’ve seen a number of different osteopaths in the past, but Sue’s approach is so different. She adopts a holistic approach which doesn’t just address the immediate issue.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Tamasin – Brixton

‘I’ve been a patient of Sue’s for over 6 months now and the changes have been nothing short of miraculous. I’ve seen plenty of osteopaths in trying to rehab from a torn ACL and the associated complications, but none apart from Sue have got me back to the state at which I’m back lifting weights and playing rugby again. Sue doesn’t rush you through your session, takes care and consideration in finding a solution and gives me plenty to help improve away from the treatment table. I’m no longer waking up in pain and its all down to Sue!’

Paul – Earlsfield

‘Sue has treated me regularly for nearly a year. She has the ability and intuitiveness to adapt treatment to my disability (I am a wheelchair user) with amazing results. Which has left my lumbar spine and hip stable and I can now move more easily and enjoy an active life. I am just sorry her new practice rooms are not wheelchair accessible and have no hesitation in recommending her.’

Elaine – Brighton

‘I came to Sue to fix my lower back pain, after an analysis of my lifestyle and posture she diagnosed and explained what the likely culprit was and designed a treatment program to help alleviate the problem. The treatment has really helped me and Sue has given me advice and shown me exercises to help improve my posture and the general condition of my back in the future. Highly recommended.’

Ian – West London

‘As someone who is on my feet a lot throughout the working day, back ache and neck pain often seem to be part and parcel of my job.  Sue at Backs Etc. uses a fantastic combination of massage, acupuncture and osteopathic techniques to help relieve my aches and pains, and also works on strategies to help decrease the recurrence of these problems.   I always move much more easily after a treatment session with Sue!’

Megan – London