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10 myths about back pain and how to cope when it strikes

image courtesy of Independent.IE

This is a very informative article which deals with many common misconceptions about back pain, including the idea that it is usually an indication of damage (it is not) or that the back is fragile. It is incredibly strong and designed for bending and lifting. Often pain is triggered by something minor such as twisting or bending down. In this case, it is likely due to repetitive poor movement patterns (which can be changed) or sensitization of the nervous system due to other factors such as poor sleep, stress or previous unresolved injury to knee or ankle. If you are suffering from back pain that doesn’t resolve after a few days, make sure to see a therapist who will consider all of the contributing factors. If you’re in London we would love to see you at Backs Etc. to put together a treatment and movement training program to get you back on your feet.

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