Clapham Osteopathy and Functional Movement

Are your shoes part of the problem?

As this video discusses, maybe your shoes are creating your foot problems, which can also be leading to pain elsewhere in the body. Do your shoes allow your toes to spread and move, or do they keep them held together? Which can lead to flatfoot‬ and bunions‬.

Problems getting to sleep?

If you really can’t switch off your computer or phone late at night then try installing this to at least reduce the blue light emitted by your screens and give your brain a chance to secrete melatonin and feel sleepy.


More reasons to exercise

 A component of cancer treatment and dementia prevention – 2 more reasons to get a regular ‪‎exercise habit. It’s going to be a lovely spring day in London today, at the very least get out for a walk at lunchtime.

Explain Low Back Pain

This video has some useful information about your low back pain and what is the best course of action for different types of pain.  If you’re not sure, come in and get assessed.

The importance of daily movement

“Research suggests that if you are sedentary for much of the day, even a couple of hours of sweating in the gym won’t much reduce your risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, although you’ll be aerobically fitter than a full-time couch potato.”
This article gives some tips on keeping moving throughout the day.


Are MRIs useful?

Often an MRI will indicate a structural abnormality which make it very easy to say that this is the cause of your pain.  However many studies have shown that just as many people may have these issues such as herniated discs in the spine and they have absolutely no pain.  We are now finding that pain is more an indication of threat levels in the brain, influenced by many factors, rather than an indication of structural damage.  Below is really good example as to why you shouldn’t get too hung up on MRIs and structural findings. They often are not what is causing your pain‬. Come in and get assessed and work out why you are in pain

Why ankle sprains should not be ignored

Most people don’t take ankle injuries seriously, however an old ankle sprain could be the cause of your back or neck pain. Many people sprain their ankles and think nothing of it. However the legacy left in the body from the change in the way of moving and altered motor control patterns can lead to back or neck pain further down the road. This video shows how this may happen. When you see a therapist for back or neck pain, make sure they ask and your disclose your history of injury as this matters and should affect the treatment given.

It also makes sense to treat and rehab ankle injuries properly to avoid this happening.

As an osteopath I can treat your whole body, not just your back.