Clapham Osteopathy and Functional Movement

Barefoot shoes and advice for transitioning

An interesting discussion of ‪#‎barefoot‬ shoes and training and some exercises and ideas on how to make the transition and what to look for in a shoe that will support our foot and overall health. Wearing most conventional, stiff shoes is like wearing a cast and causes the muscles and joints in your feet to fall asleep, but it takes patience and rehab to wake them up again. If your arm had been in a cast for 3 months you wouldn’t just go out and use it normally without doing some rehab, so if you’ve been wearing conventional shoes all your life, buying a pair of barefoots and going out for a run is asking for trouble. Start off by just walking around at home barefoot as much as possible. Take things slowly.

Mindfulness Challenge

Many of my patients suffer from ‪‎stress‬ and ‪‎insomnia‬ and so we often discuss breathing techniques or ‪‎meditation‬ as part of a package to deal with this. This is a link to a site challenging you to try mindfulness for the month of October together with downloads of a couple of sample meditations. Why don’t you try it for the month, and see how you feel, I’m going to. ‪#‎31DMC‬

Are your shoes part of the problem?

As this video discusses, maybe your shoes are creating your foot problems, which can also be leading to pain elsewhere in the body. Do your shoes allow your toes to spread and move, or do they keep them held together? Which can lead to flatfoot‬ and bunions‬.

More reasons to exercise

 A component of cancer treatment and dementia prevention – 2 more reasons to get a regular ‪‎exercise habit. It’s going to be a lovely spring day in London today, at the very least get out for a walk at lunchtime.

The importance of daily movement

“Research suggests that if you are sedentary for much of the day, even a couple of hours of sweating in the gym won’t much reduce your risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, although you’ll be aerobically fitter than a full-time couch potato.”
This article gives some tips on keeping moving throughout the day.